PANCRASE 257: Kings wage war as Shimizu takes on Yamamoto, ISAO faces Hironaka

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Pancrase 257 – the final event in a ring – heralds the long-awaited Super Flyweight Title Challenge between Kiyotaka Shimizu and Atsushi Yamamaoto on March 30, 2014. Also, ISAO will take on Shooto World Champ Kuniyoshi Hironaka, plus the World Slam Final match Taichi versus Cesar.

Pancrase 257 will be another blockbuster for the promotion as its final major even held in the ring. Kiyotaka Shimizu finally faces Challenger Atsushi Yamamoto at Super Flyweight. Shimizu versus Yamamoto was supposed to take place in 2013 at the 20th Anniversary event, but the latter was sidelined for quite a while due to an orbital fracture he sustained in training and the match was put on ice rather than having Yamamoto’s spot replaced.

It will be King versus Champion when Pancrase Lightweight royalty ISAO takes on Shooto World Champ Kuniyoshi Hironaka. ISAO has been looked at as the next hot prospect out of Japan to head to the international stage, and Hironaka has made no bones about hoping for a return to the UFC. Someone will not go unpunished in this very interesting pairing.

Takenori Sato will be front and center watching the bout between Thiago ‘Jambo’ Goncalves and Akihiro Murayama, because the winner will be his next challenger for the Welterweight title. Leandro ‘Buscape’ Silva, will be welcomed by none other than most recent title challenger at lightweight, Yoshiaki ‘Bancho’ Takahashi. And for the trifecta of Brazilians, Marcio ‘Gracinha’ Cesar and Taichi Nakajima face off in the World Slam Bantamweight Finals.

Also on the card will be more Pancrase versus Shooto goodness with Eiji Ishikawa versus Yoichiro Sato. Two Pancrase fan favorites Guy Delumeau and Yuki ‘Brave Devil’ Baba will finally face off. And then, there’s always Yuki Kondo and Shungo Oyama, two warhorses that still bring the pain to the game and the fans to the arena.


Pancrase 257
March 30, 2014
3:00pm JST Start
Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

#13 – King of Pancrase Lightweight Challenge
Isao Kobayashi (14-1-4) ライト級 第5代王者・ISAO (坂口道場一族)
Kuniyoshi Hironaka (22-8) 修斗・第11代世界ウェルター級王者. 弘中邦佳 (マスタージャパン)

#12 – King of Pancrase Super Flyweight Challenge
Kiyotaka Shimizu (13-9-3) 清水 清隆 (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A/第2代王者)
Atsushi Yamamoto (17-7-3) 山本 篤 (KRAZY BEE/1位)

#11 –
Yuki Kondo (56-28-9) ウェルター級4位 近藤有己 (パンクラスism)
Masayuki ‘Berserker’ Naruse (6-13) 成瀬昌由/初参戦 (フリー)

#10 – Welterweight Next Challenger Match
Thiago ‘Jambo’ Goncalves (17-3) チアゴ・ジャンボ (TEAM NOGUEIRA/2位)
Akihiro Murayama (14-5-9) 村山 暁洋 (GUTSMAN/3位)

#9 – Kick rules
Sizemon Kaigai
Kim Jun-Suk

#8 – Catch wrestling rules
Antonio Shibata

#7 – Welterweight
Eiji Ishikawa (26-18-3) ランキング1位 石川英司 (GRABAKA)
Yoichiro Sato (13-5-2) 修斗・世界2位 佐藤洋一郎 (グレイシーバッハ東京)

#6 – AVA / BADBOY PRESENTS World Slam Bantamweight Finals
Taichi Nakajima (8-3-1) 中島 太一 (パラエストラ東京/4位 )
Marcio ‘Gracinha’ Cesar (18-8-3) マルシオ・セザール (NOVA UNIAO/5位)

#5 – Lightweight
Yoshiaki ‘Bancho’ Takahashi (10-4-2) 高橋“Bancho”良明 (パラエストラ八王子/2位)
Leandro ‘Buscape’ Silva (13-1-1) レアンドロ“ブスカペ”シウバ (TEAM NOGUEIRA/初参戦)

#4 – Featherweight
Guy Delumeau (18-8-3) ガイ・デルモ (GUTSMAN/1位)
Yuki ‘Brave Devil’ Baba (10-4) 馬場 勇気 (ロデオスタイル/バンタム級9位)

#3 – Featherweight
Junpei Chikano (4-7-2) 近野 淳平 (ロデオスタイル/6位)
Tomonari Kanomata (20-8-6) 鹿又 智成 (パラエストラ八王子/10位)

#2 – Flyweight
Isao Hirose (11-9-5) 廣瀬 勲 (ストライプル/7位 )
Yusuke Kitago (12-8-1) 北郷 祐介 (和術慧舟會 横浜道場)

#1 – Middleweight
Shungo Oyama (13-17) Road FC 初代ミドル級王者 大山峻護 (フリー)
Handong Kong (0-2) 孔韓冬/初参戦 (黒竜江龍雲MMA博撃クラブ)

Opening Fights

Juntaro Ushiku (5-2-1) 牛久絢太郎 (和術慧舟會TLIVE)
Yutaka Shimamura (4-4-2) 島村裕 (宇留野道場/ハイブリッドファイター)

Hiroshi Ono (2-0) 小野“名人”浩 (DUROジム)
Shohei ‘Convoy’ Masumizu (0-0) コンボイ升水 (マルワジム横浜)

Daigoro Nagareyama (1-1-1) 流山大五郎 (BRAVE)
Munetaka 統好 (CRAZY ARMAMENT)