Pancrase 260: Murayama vs Gota for WW belt, Kondo vs Ishikawa in a 14 year trilogy

Pancrase 260
Pancrase 260

Pancrase 260 takes place on August 10, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan with the vacant Welterweight King of Pancrase to be contested by Akihiro Murayama and Gota Yamashita.


Takenroi Sato vacated the title when he signed to the UFC. Murayama hasn’t tasted defeat in 3 years, and has a draw with the outgoing champ. With wins over Yuki Kondo and Thiago Gonçalves, he’s shot into title contention. “Let’s Gota” lost in his 2013 NeoBlood Tournament finals bid, but rebounded by decisioning both Akihiro Yamazaki and Kenta Takagi. Murayama will be a big test for him.


Yuki Kondo vs Eiji Ishikawa – a rubber match 14 years in the making

A rubber match from a trilogy that spans an amazing 14 years will be played out by top ranked Yuki Kondo and Eiji Ishikawa. Kondo, a veteran of some 80 fights, started off his career at the very beginning of Pancrase by defeating the likes of Frank Shamrock, Masakatsu Funaki, and Semmy Schilt. In 2000 he took a spin in the UFC, and fought Ishikawa for the first of their matches. He finished him, but the two were sustained to meet again a year later, and Ishikawa wasn’t easy to stop the second time around.

Kondo went through PRIDE and Sengoku before seeing himself return full circle at Pancrase, and now fighting his old adversary from days gone by. Ishikawa spent his career at home in Japan, mostly in Pancrase and DEEP. He’s got four years on Kondo age wise, but was dropped by Yoichiro Sato in his last fight, which halted a nice win streak. It was the first time he’d been finished in a full four years. It will be interesting to see how these two massive Pancrase grinders go at it in the new cage.


Also, on the card Middleweights Ikkei Nagamura and Shungo Oyama will fight for the right to challenge new Middleweight King of Pancrase Shinsho Anzai.

Guy Delumeau is dropping to featherweight in a run for the title. He takes on ranked Tomonari Kanomata. Delumeau has always been considered a gatekeeper of sorts in the lightweight division. Mixed results for the last 2 years in the sport have led him to the division change. Kanomata’s recent years haven’t been kind to him either, but the one time branded finisher should put up a very active fight against Delumeau’s davy ground game.

Takafumi Itoh, who bleeds Pancrase red and black, will take on Shooto warhorse Yoshihiro Koyama. Itoh rides a healthy 3-fight winning streak, and Koyama made a nice Pancrase debut by decisioning Koji Nakamura.


Pancrase 260
August 10, 2014
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

#15 – Middleweight
Joshua Eddie (2-1) 初参戦 (総合格闘技道場DOBUITA)
Yuji Arai 荒井勇二/初参戦 (GUTSMAN)

#14 – Featherweight
Takayuki Iijima (6-2) (NATURAL9)
Kazushi Sugiyama (5-3) 杉山和史 (TURNING POINT MMA/HF)

#13 – Bantamweight
Ryo Takagi (2-5) 亮AKB (リバーサルジム川口REDIPS)
Munetaka Munetaka (3-3) 統好 (CRAZY ARMAMENT )

#12 – Super Flyweight
Naoto Ayuta (3-2) 0鮎田直人 (CAVE)
Toru Ogawa (3-4) 小川徹/初参戦 (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

#11 – Welterweight King of Pancrase
Akihiro Murayama (15-5-9) 村山暁洋 (GUTSMAN)
Gota ‘Let’s Gota’ Yamashita (8-2)レッツ豪太 (総合格闘技道場コブラ会)

#10 – Middleweight Semifinal
Ikkei Nagamura (10-5-2) 一慶 (フリー)
Shungo Oyama (14-17) 大山峻護 (フリー)

#9 – Welterweight
Yuki Kondo (57-28-9) 近藤有己 (パンクラスism)
Eiji Ishikawa (26-19-3) 石川英司 (GRABAKA)

#8 – Lightweight
Akira Okada (7-3-3) アキラ (久我山ラスカルジム)
Shunpei OtaShunpei Ota (6-1) 太田駿平 (ドン・キホーテ)

#7 – Featherweight
Guy Delumeau (18-9-3) ガイ・デルモ (GUTSMAN)
Tomonari Kanomata (20-8-7) 鹿又智成 (パラエストラ八王子)

#6 – Lightweight
Takafumi Ito (39-33-13) 伊藤崇文 (パンクラスism)
Yoshihiro Koyama (18-7-2) 児山佳宏 (パラエストラ松戸)

#5 – Super Flyweight
Tatsuya So (13-9-4) 曹竜也 (闘心)
Yusuke Kitago (12-8-1) 北郷祐介 (和術慧舟會横浜道場)

#4 – Lightweight
Juntaro Ami (7-6-1) 網潤太郎 (和術慧舟會AKZA)
Akihito Hara (9-16-2) 原昭仁 (坂口道場一族)

#3 – Featherweight
Takashi Matsuoka (6-3-1) 松岡嵩志 (フリー)
Toshihiro Taguchi (7-8) TAG (ERUPT)

#2 – NeoBlood Tournament Welterweight Final
Genpei Hayashi (4-2-1) 林源平 (HEAT)
Takashi Sato (3-0) 佐藤天 (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

#1 – NeoBlood Tournament Lightweight Final
Taito Taito (1-0) 泰斗 (真月流COMBAT)
Andrew Robert (1-0) アンドリュー・ロバート (総合格闘技津田沼道場)