Pancrase 265 headlined by Kitaoka vs Okada, stacked card of prospects and veterans


Pancrase 265 Satoru Kitaoka vs Akira Okada
Pancrase 265 Satoru Kitaoka vs Akira Okada (courtesy Alive Coach Suzuki)

Pancrase 265 takes place on March 15, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. The World Slam Lightweight Tournament Finale between Satoru Kitaoka and Akira Okada is the main event.

While there are no titles on the line in this event, the smell of platinum is in the air. Current DEEP Champ Kitaoka and Okada will be fighting for a shot at King ISAO’s belt. Also, Yoshiro Koyama and Kazuki Tokudome are setting themselves up to be the heirs-apparent.

Kitaoka finished Dom O’Grady and decisioned Richie Whitson to become a finalist in Pancrase’s first World Slam Tournament which features foreign opponents coming over to challenge the Japanese. Okada got a bump into the semifinals where he defeated Okuno Taisuke by a narrow split decision. While Kitaoka is far and away the front runner here, Okada’s 2-year undefeated run is impressive, and it will be interesting to see how much trouble he gives the powerful grappler.

Former Pancrase lightweight contender Tokudome spent his last two years fighting in the UFC, where he went 1-3 in hotly contested, exciting bouts. But the misfortune of being submitted by Johnny Case in the last UFC Japan put him on the chopping block and now he’s back in Pancrase. Tokudome will face former Shooto Pacific Rim Champ Koyama, who joined Pancrase specifically to fight in the cage. Koyama is a warhorse so this should be a bloody battle as two very experienced vets vie for contender status.

American prospect Andy Main returns to Japan to face Japanese prospect Hulk Oshiro. Main has starched the hopes of two Japanese opponents already, namely the very experienced Hiroki Aoki and Akitoshi Tamura. 2013 Neo Blood Champ Hulk stumbled against top opponents shortly after, but has climbed back into prospect status with a win over Koji Nakamura. Main will be a litmus test for his development, because Main’s already passed his own with flying colors.

Also on the card, former Flyweight King Mitsuhisa Sunabe faces Seiji Ozuka in a climb to return for a shot at Kiyotaka Shimizu’s strap. Top ten rankers “Shian” and Yusuke Ogikubo will meet to climb up the ladder. The indomitable Yuki Baba is back to take on Lenny Wheeler, his fourth foreigner in a row.

At Pancrase 265, the 21st Neo-Blood Tournament will begin. 2014 Neo-Blood Tournament winner Juntaro Ushiku faces top ten ranked Takashi Matsuoka. The first ever Neo-Blood Tournament winner – from 1995 – Takafumi Itoh faces Koji Takeuchi, and both fighters are in their 40s!

CORO Terashima is back against Masato Sannai. Yuki Kondo is still in the mix delivering KO madness and this time he’ll face former King Shingo Suzuki.

A special three match series featuring Canadian fighters will take place as part of the television series Fight Xchange on Canada’s Super Channel.

March 15, 2015
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

World Slam Lightweight Finals
Satoru Kitaoka 北岡悟 (ロータス世田谷)
Akira Okada アキラ (久我山ラスカルジム)

#13 – Lightweight
Yoshihiro Koyama 児山佳宏 (パラエストラ松戸)
Kazuki Tokudome 留一樹 (パラエストラ八王子)

#12 – Welterweight
Yuki Kondo 有己空 (パンクラスism)
Shingo Suzuki 鈴木槙吾 (ALLIANCE)

#11 – Featherweight
Andy Main
Hiroyuki Oshiro ランキング4位
ハルク大城 (ボスジム)

#10 – Flyweight
Mitsuhisa Sunabe 砂辺光久 (reversaL Gym OKINAWA CROSS×LINE)
Seiji Ozuka 小塚誠司 (FREEDOM@OZ)

#9 – Flyweight
Hiroki Yamashita Shian 獅庵 (パラエストラ大阪)
Yusuke Ogikubo 荻窪祐輔 (K-PLACE埼玉格闘技道場)

#8 – Featherweight
Yuki Baba 馬場勇気 (ロデオスタイル)
Lenny Wheeler (ウルフランMMA)

#7 – Featherweight
Juntaro Ushiku 牛久絢太郎 (和術慧舟會TLIVE)
Takashi Matsuoka 松岡嵩志 (フリー)

#6 – Lightweight
Yuki Yamasaki 山崎悠輝 (パンクラス大阪 稲垣組)
Shunpei Ota 太田駿平 (ドン・キホーテ)

#5 – Bantamweight
Kosuke Terashima Coro (和術慧舟會TLIVE)
Masato Sannai 山内慎人 (GUTSMAN)

#4 – Lightweight
Takafumi Ito 伊藤崇文 (パンクラスism)
Koji Takeuchi 竹内幸司 (HLC)

#3 – Pancrase vs Canada on Fight Xchange Welterweight
Takashi Sato 佐藤天 (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)
Vyron Phillips

#2 – Pancrase vs Canada on Fight Xchange Women’s 120lb
Shiori Hori 初参戦/堀詩織 (K-STYLE)
Lindsay Garbatt

#1 – Pancrase vs Canada on Fight Xchange Featherweight
Koshi Obata デビュー戦/小畑公史 (U-SPIRIT JAPAN町田)
TJ Laramie

21st Featherweight Neo Blood Tournament (after the main event)

Takayuki Ijima  vs.  Gaku Hirayama

Kyosuke Yokoyama  vs.  Takahiro Ideta

Akito Mitoma  vs.  Yasuhiro Kawamura

Yuki Nakahara  vs.  Kaneaki Watanabe

21st Bantamweight Neo Blood Tournament (after the main event)

Kodai Murata  vs.  Shuichi Kanda

Atsuhiro Takano  vs.  Takaya Takemoto

Shun Fukazawa  vs.  Tetsuya Yamamoto

Rei Kawahara  vs.  Kazuhisa Tanaka

21st Superflyweight Neo Blood Tournament (after the main event)

Naoto Ayukawa  vs.  T. Nakamura

Yuichi Miyagi  vs.  Tomoya Tanaka

Toru Ogawa  vs.  Yu Kobayashi