PANCRASE announces “Bayside Fight” cage series


Long established PANCRASE of Japan has announced a spin-off series of events that will utilize a cage and adopt the USA’s “Unified Rules”. Bayside Fight will be held in Yokohama providing more opportunities in the global standard of MMA.

Pancrase CEO Masakazu Sakai announced that Bayside Fights would begin on September 1, 2013 at the Bayside Yokohama entertainment complex. In 2014, four to six events will be held. Both amateur and professional fighters will be given opportunities to fight inside a cage under the now globally-recognised ruleset in what is the promotion’s advancement into the international MMA scene. Pancrase will strive to work with both amateur and professional organizations that are already established within the new Bayside Fight series.

In additional news, the new series gets a logo makeover by artist Ken Theflattop and a line of goods will be established. The Bayside Fight events will feature more of an MMA culture and lifestyle experience as music and fashion elements are incorporated.

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