World Flyweight Championship
September 30, 2012
Tokyo, Japan

Lanky southpaw Mikihito Yamagami got ahold of the Flyweight belt by blasting Junji Ikoma into the canvas in just 41 seconds.  Since getting key locked in 2009 by Takehiro Ishii, he’s figured out that the ground is not the place for him to be and has gone on a tear with his rangy punches, tough kicks, and endurance.  When Junji Ito faces Yamagami, he’ll be looking at his second shot at the title.   The only decision he’s dropped in the last four years was in his 2011 battle against former champ Ikoma for that same belt that Rambaa Somdet vacated due to injury, and that war was Fight of the Night.  Ito has both blitzkrieg combinations and on-the-dot counter punching plus sweltering footwork that will put the pressure on the champ, especially in the opening round.  This fight will be a fast and furious flurry of fists.

When Caol Uno got in the ring and addressed the crowd at Shooto in July, it was with a trembling voice and copious bowing that he announced his return to fighting.  Current Bantamweight King of Pancrase, Shintaro Ishiwatari, followed up with an announcement at Pancrace 9 in August that he would be the one to face Uno.  They will be returning to Shooto, the organization that started them both out.  Uno’s twighlight years have been less than gracious to him.  His drop to featherweight gave a short boost of momentum in 2011 in DREAM when he out grappled Wicky Nishiura, but that ground to a halt literally at the feet of Lion Takeshi later in the year.  Meanwhile, Ishiwatari’s star is in ascension, and as such he will rise to featherweight for the bout.

第1試合 2012年度新人王決定トーナメント準決勝 ライト級 2回戦
2012 Rookie King tournament semi final match, 2 Round lightweight
斉藤 裕 (パラエストラ小岩) Yutaka Saito versus Yuta Sato ユータ&ロック (秋本道場Jungle Junction)

第2試合 2012年度新人王決定トーナメント準決勝 ウェルター級 2回戦
2012 Rookie King tournament semi final match, 2 Round welterweight
榊 真嗣 (KRAZY BEE) Masatsugu Sakaki versus Kenta Konishi 小西謙太 (KING GYM)

第3試合 バンタム級 2回戦 2 round bantamweight
阿部マサトシ (AACC) Masatoshi Abe versus Takeshi Saito 斉藤健史 (K’zFACTORY厚木)

第4試合 インフィニティトーナメント2012 バンタム級準決勝 バンタム級 2回戦
2012 Bantamweight tournament semifinals
ランボー宏補 (パラエストラ千葉) Kosuke Suzuki versus Masumi Tozawa 戸澤真澄美 (GRABAKA)

第5試合 ライト級 3回戦
阿部裕幸 (AACC) Hiroyuki Abe versus Shigeki Osawa 大澤茂樹 (無所属)

第6試合 ミドル級 3回戦
田村ヒビキ (パラエストラ大阪) Yukinari Tamura versus Kenta Tagaki 高木健太 (PUREBRED川口REDIPS)

第7試合 セミファイナル ライト級 3回戦 Lightweight semifinals
宇野 薫 (UNO DOJO) Caol Uno versus Shintaro Ishiwatari 石渡伸太郎 (CAVE)
※第2代バンタム級 キングオブパンクラシスト

第8試合 メインイベント 世界フライ級チャンピオンシップ フライ級 3回戦
山上幹臣 (総合格闘技道場STF) Mikihito Yamagami versus Junji Ito 猿丸ジュンジ (シューティングジム横浜)