In a spate of signings out of Japan, Shunichi Shimizu joins contemporaries Tatsuya Kawajiri and Kikuno Katsunori in the UFC. He may be the least-known of the top rankers, but he is very deserving of being promoted to the big leagues of MMA. The Urunodojo bantamweight is 28-8-10 with 19 wins by submission. Shimizu faced stiff competition in his early career on a tear in ZST. He has not been submitted since he took on Masanori Kanehara in 2008, or knocked out since he met Keisuke Fujiwara in the same year, a loss he went on to avenge in stunning form. He was a finalist in Sengoku and a World Slam participant in Pancrase. Now he will see action inside the Octagon.  Hybrid Fighter announced the signing on October 25, 2013.

To learn more about Shimizu, check out our interview with him from last year when he started to hit the international radar.  He’s an MMA encyclopedia and keeps a daily journal of his diet and weight on Facebook.  Shimizu also once fought his own brother in the ring.  At 28 years old, he’s hitting the world stage at the right time.

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