VTJ 3rd lures Kotani, Tokoro, LFC champ Campuzano, fan fave Wicky


Vale Tudo Japan 3rd has made the first announcements for its fight card on October 5, 2013.

Fan favorite “Wicky” Akiyo Nishiura takes on wrestling gold medalist Shigeki Osawa. Wicky’s Shooto roots led to Team Alpha Male training, and his takedown defense improved. His frantic striking is crazy, yet deadly, and has been his biggest weapon. Osawa is a wrestler dyed in the wool, yet has developed some very heavy hands since his days in Sengoku. This will be an interesting match to see which game they choose to use, and then there’s always a bet on a KO.

RINGS, PRIDE, and UFC vet Naoyuki Kotani will face tough-as-nails Daisuke Hoshino. Kotani is undefeated since Yoshida’s Farewell in 2010, and out of those eleven fights, he’s only allowed one to go the distance. Kotani has literally slaughtered everyone in the RINGS/ZST network. Cage Force and Shooto’s Hoshino is definitely a battler, but if he has the keys to someone of Kotani’s caliber remains to be seen.

DREAM fighter Hideo Tokoro will meet Legacy FC Flyweight Champ Will Campuzano. Tokoro needs practically no introduction. As one of the most notable fighters to come out of Japan’s regional ZST, he he participated in three HERO’s Tournaments and three DREAM tournaments. Tokoro’s last outing at VTJ 2nd saw him put away the legendary Rumina Sato in under a minute. Campuzano caught the eye of the WEC by going 6-0 in a regional promotion. But his subsequent career in WEC and UFC was fraught with mishaps like last-minute fill-ins and opponent’s missed weight catchweight bouts. He again found his stride back in Texas, culminating in taking the LFC championship.


VTJ 3rd
Octtober 5, 2013
Ota Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

▼145lb(65.7kg)契約 5分3R
“Wicky” Akiyo Nishiura (11-8-1)西浦”ウィッキー”聡生(STGY)
Shigeki Osawa (9-4-2-1) 大澤茂樹(フリー)

▼155lb(70.3kg)契約 5分3R
Naoyuki Kotani (31-10-7) 小谷直之(ロデオスタイル)
Daisuke Hoshino (8-6-1) 星野大介(津田沼道場)

▼134lb 契約 5分3R
Hideo Tokoro (32-25-2)
Will Campuzano (12-4)