Bae MyoungHo on his bout with Andrews Nakahara in ROAD FC 12: “This will be a fierce battle”


Korean standout welterweight Bae MyoungHo will face Andrews Nakahara in a Superfight at ROAD FC 012 on June 22, 2013. A controversial year behind him, Bae looks to make his return in front of his countrymen a barn burner.

Bae MyoungHo fights out of Busan Team MAD, in the south of the Korean peninsula. His career has spanned seven years and he’s fought in MARS, M-1, DEEP, and DREAM, and finally ran through the welterweight division of Legend FC to become the Champion. In the beginning of his career he fought above his weight much of the time and had a rocky start. But since adapting to the fight game, Bae has grown through the labels of ‘prospect’ to ‘international contender’. Mandatory military service in South Korea means the 26-year old must unfortunately put his career on hold for approximately two years. However, before he goes on hiatus, he will make an appearance in his own country’s premier MMA organization, ROAD FC. MMA-in-ASIA briefly spoke with him prior to his fight in Wonju, South Korea.

How’s your condition for this fight? You were announced as injured before your last expected title fight.

Bae:  I have fully recovered. My condition is very good right now. I made weight a week before the fight.

Why haven’t you defended your title in the last year?

Bae:  This things just happen, some things are out of my control.

You’re soon enlisting for military service, so you vacated the LFC belt. Your last opponent, Li JingLiang, recently claimed it.  How do you feel about him holding it now?

Bae:  Li JingLiang is a good fighter. He has his unique style and he deserves to be a champion.

So, is it assumed you cannot takes fights during service? Are you nervous about going?

Bae:  I am not sure what to expect while I am in the military, but I am not nervous.

Have you ever shot a gun before?

Bae:  No, but I enjoy playing military computer games!

How do you feel about fighting in Korea once again, having to represent your country, so to speak? Also, it has been quite some time since you’ve fought.

Bae:  It is a burden but it is a positive burden for me. I don’t feel any ring rust.

Do you feel that Nakahara is a good opponent for you?

Bae:  I don’t categorize my opponents as a “good opponent” or a “bad opponent.” Everyone fights to win and has his own style, just as I fight to win and have my own style. I’m not training anything specific for him, I’m training just as I always do. I have a very well-rounded style.

How do you see the fight ending?

Bae:  This will be a fierce battle. I will fill the cage with sweat and blood, but in the end, my arm will be raised.

Will the cage create any problems for you?

Bae:  The cage has its own unique characteristics, but I’ve prepared for it.

Although you have been very dominant in most of your recent fights, you have been criticized for not finishing. Is this something you’ve been working on?

Bae:  I believe I am capable of finishing the fight. I dont know when it’s going to be, but it will come whether it’ll be this fight or the next.

Your entrances are usually quite entertaining. What will your walk out song be for this fight?

Bae:  I have something cool mind.

You’ve done some modeling in the past year. Any more of your “infamous underwear modeling” jobs coming up?

Bae:  I dont know! [laughs]

MMA in Korea has gotten really strong in the last two years. Can you share some young fighters to watch out for, and who inspires you?

Bae:  The growth of MMA in Korea makes me feel good. There are so many fighters here to watch that it’s hard for me to name them. Of course my senior at Team MAD, Kim DongHyun, I really respect.

What is Kim DongHyun’s secret to success?

Bae:  Sincerity, hard work, and self control.

Can you explain the success of Team MAD, even though it is rather isolated and not a mega-gym?

Bae:  Great teamwork, and we are like a family.

There will be many Korean fans excited to finally watch you on home turf again, and of course a live stream for your international fans. Anything you want to say to them?

Bae:  I love my fans! I am so thankful that I have many fans. You make me work harder. Thank you everyone!