Dana White confirms UFC Korea for 2015

UFC KOREA, UFC and MMA-in-ASIA composite
UFC KOREA, UFC and MMA-in-ASIA composite

UFC CEO Dana White confirmed to Ariel Helwani on FOX Sports’ show UFC Tonight that there will be a UFC event on Korean soil in 2015.


The event will be held in Seoul. As of yet no date has been announced.

At last weeks, UFC FN 52 in Tokyo, Japan, MMA-in-ASIA interviewed Joe Carr, the Vice President of International Development for the UFC. Carr has taken over the organization of Asia since Mark Fischer was released and Gary Cooke was named Global Managing Director.

Carr said in the interview here that the UFC plans to hold as many events in Asia in 2015 as it did in 2015 (five: 2 in Tokyo, 2 in Macau, 1 in Singapore), however they would be spread into new markets. While Car was unable to commit to listing Korea for a confirmed UFC event, he did say the country was a ripe target audience,

“Korea’s almost a tailor-made market for us… That’s probably our top market pound-for-pound. We’re very hopeful… that we’re going to have an event there in the near future.”

Many Korean fighters are on the UFC roster, including rankers Korean Zombie Jung Chan-Sung and Kim Dong-Hyun.  Former Champ Ben Henderson, being half-Korean, also has a huge following in the country.  Lim Hyun-Gyu and Kang Kyun-Ho recently pulled off big wins at UFC Fight Night 52.  Nam Yui-Chul, former ROAD FC Lightweight Champ, made an incredible debut in the UFC, and hot prospect Choi Doo-Ho will soon be making his.  Expect more announcements of Koreans added to the roster ahead of the event.

Also, Korea is ripe for the TUF market, as the show “Crying Fist” already attests to.