MOSTAFA ABDOLLAHI video interview on Muay Thai beginnings in Iran


Mostafa Abdollahi makes his MMA debut at ROAD FC – Korea 1 on January 18, 2014 in Seoul, Korea. The Muay Thai champ and teammate Vahid Roshani reunited for a lively chat before the event.

Prior to Mostafa Abdollahi’s MMA debut at Korea’s ROAD FC, he was a successful Muay Thai fighter with over 100 matches under his belt. He was featured with current Epic MMA teammate and fellow ROAD FC fighter Vuyisile Colossa on the TV show “The Challenger Muaythai” and has competed in kickboxing’s events such as K-1 all over the world.

“Persian Mos” – as he’s known in the ring – had beginnings in his home country of Iran that saw him basically start the first national team for Muay Thai, and from there he launched a successful career alongside Vahid Roshani, another extremely well-known Muay Thai fighter. Before Mostafa’s ROAD FC fight, he saw action as a cornerman for Vuyisile and for Vahid, both seeing their hands raised in the end. While Vahid was in Hong Kong for the fight, he and Mostafa were able to reunite and discuss their friendship and history together.

MMA-in-ASIA let the camera role as the two humorous Muay Thai champs talked Iranian National Team, world travels, friendship, and their feelings for their country.

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