ROAD FC 012: FW Tournament Features Omigawa, Umeda, Kwon

ROAD Fighting Championship today announced the opening round of a Featherweight Tournament that will be contested by international players as well as top South Korean representatives. ROAD FC 012 on JUne 22 in Wonju, South Korea, will also host the first women’s match.

Featherweight Tournament Players

Kwon BaeYoung versus Michihiro Omigawa takes center stage on the main even card rather than in the Young Guns series. Kwon has two good submissions on his record: a triangle on UFC-starter Kang KyungHo, and a RNC over current ONE FC Featherweight Champion Honorio Banario. His last outing, however, saw him go three tough rounds with Filipino phenom Eric Kelly and drop a decision. Kwon jumps in with both feet for another huge challenge as he meets UFC and DREAM vet Michihiro Omigawa in the opening round of the Featherweight Tournament. Omigawa’s record is a mixed bag of highs and lows, undoubtedly due to the ascension of his weight class in Japan post-PRIDE. He has only been finished twice at the very beginning of his career, and his grinding battles with opponent after opponent to decisions have left the judoka with a equally weighted record. There will be takedown attempts galore with this one, and hopefully some spectacular ones as well.

Kosuke Umeda versus Kim ChangHyun is he second tournament matchup. Umeda comes in from DEEP to join the featherweight division in ROAD FC, but he’s no stranger to facing Koreans, as he has a win over “Parky” and a loss to Choi DooHo. Umeda then notched up two in the win column and faces Kim, who gets a rematch three years in the making to settle his score. It will be an uphill battle for him. Once considered a top prospect and earning the ring name “Armbar”, Kim’s Sengoku debut against Maximo Blanco derailed his rollercoaster to the top, and he’s been on the loop-de-loop ever since. Kim doesn’t take easy fights, and this will be a huge chance for the still developing fighter to get back his nickname.

Young BokGil and Kim WonGi are two of the lesser-experienced fighters in the tournament. At 4-2 and 1-2-1 respectively, this match will determine which of them gets to start climbing the ladder to success. Cha JungHwan protege Choi MuGyeom will face Glory kickboxing protege Hubert Geven. Both fighters are quite young and hungry. Choi will have to make a case of his grappling skills to thwart Geven, who may be less experienced in the cage, but is still way more dangerous on his feet. The reserve match is Heo Yoon versus Jo ByeongOk. Heo is a brown belt in BJJ who moved back to Busan after US university to pursue MMA training full time with Team MAD. Jo is a highly touted YeongDongPo Team Posse talent who will be making his professional debut.

Other fights announced

Elsewhere on the card, ROAD FC is bringing in Japan’s Masako Yoshida for its first ever womens’ bout. Yoshida has had a tumultuous career in MMA and hasn’t taken a fight since 2010. Her return to the cage will herald a new beginning for her, especially as women’s MMA is on the rise. Previously mentioned was Bae MyoungHo‘s opponent for hi final fight before military service as Andrews Nakahara. ROAD FC also brings in two more Japanese fighters: karateka KO artist Ryuta Noji will face fellow brawler Kim JiHoon, and former DREAM champ Takafumi Otsuka will take on current ONE FC champ Kim SooChul. And at the top of the card is the Bantamweight Championship between tournament finalists Lee KilOo and Song MinJong.

ROAD FC 012 and Young Guns 8
June 22, 2013
Wonju Stadium
Wonju, South Korea

Main Card

[밴텀급 토너먼트 결승] Bantamweight Tournament Final and Championship
이길우 Lee KilOo vs. Song MinJong 송민종

[웰터급매치] Welterweight Superfight
배명호 Bae MyoungHo vs. Andrews Nakahara 앤드류스 나카하라

[페더급매치] Welterweight Champion Versus Champion Match
김수철 Kim SooChul vs. Otsuka Takafumi 오츠카 타카후미

[페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight Tournament Match #1
권배용 Kwon BaeYoung vs. Michihiro Omigawa 오미가와 미치히로

[여성부 페더급매치] Women’s Featherweight
요시다 마사코 Masako Yoshida vs. TBA

[라이트헤비급매치] Light Heavyweight
김지훈 Kim JiHoon vs. Noji Ryuta 노지 류타

■ 로드FC 영건스 8 – Young Guns 8

[미들급매치] Middleweight
이둘희 Lee DoolHee vs. TBA

[페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight Tournament Match #2
김창현 Kim ChangHyun vs. Kosuke Umeda 우메다 코스케

[페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight Tournament Match #3
길영복 Gil YoungBok vs. Kim WonGi 김원기

[페더급 토너먼트 8강] Featherweight Tournament Match #4
최무겸 Choi MuGyum vs. Hubert Geven 허벌트 기븐

[페더급 토너먼트 리저브매치] Featherweight Tournament Reserve Match
허윤 Heo Yoon vs. Jo ByeongOok 조병옥

[밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
이윤준 Lee YoonJoon vs. Into League Tournament Winner 인투리그 토너먼트 우승자