ROAD FC 24 in Japan update: Minowaman, Kim Soo-Chul, Shoko Sato booked


ROAD FC 24 in Japan
ROAD FC 24 in Japan

ROAD FC 24 will take place in Tokyo, Japan on July 25, 2015. Four more fighters have been announced for the promotion’s first card in Japan.

Predictably, Minowaman is back. And no one is complaining. After he celebrated his 100th fight in ROAD FC with an astounding KO of Kim Hoon, he’s earned his way into the hearts of Koreans alike. And on home turf, he’s still every bit of a respected fighter. It will be interesting to see who he will fight.

Phenom Kim Soo-Chul finally gets back into action. Korea’s best bantamweight still holds a contract with ONE FC also, but fights for this kid are hard to book. He’s cleaned house in the division at home, and finished everyone they’ve thrown at him with the exception of Bibiano Fernandes. Still, Kim is just 23. There’s time to make a rematch possible. But first things first, expect Kim’s opponent in Japan to be no less than top-ranked.

Shoko Sato is the second Japanese fighter announced today. His history in the promotion goes back to their second event here he decisioned up and coming wrestler Kil Young-Bok, but he had a very tough couple of years when he went into both Bantamweight Tournaments and faced Kang Kyung-Ho and Moon Jae-Hoon, plus Kim Soo-Chul in between. The Sengoku veteran got back to his winning ways in Japan in 2013 and has remained unbent since. Sato rides a respectable 5-fight win streak, with his latest being a KO over Taiki Tsuchiya.

Lastly, Korean prospect Kim Min-Woo at 21-years old will be put in from of a foreign audience for the first time. Kim was brought up in the promotion and matched equivalent level fighters, then was bumped up a notch against his most recent opponent Moon Jae-Hoon. Moon was the recent challenger to Lee Yun-Jun’s strap – a definite high level of Korean MMA. Min-Woo ended up losing on the score cards because he was edged out by Moon’s massive kicking, but he was in the fight right up to the end. The MMA Story representative will be a kid to watch.

July 25, 2015
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

Middleweight Championship
Riki Fukuda vs Jeon Uh-Jin

Yoon Dong-Sik vs Daiju Takase

Choi Mu-Bae vs Yusuke Kawaguchi

Choi Hong-Man vs TBA

Minowaman vs TBA

Kim Soo-Chul vs TBA

Kim Min-Woo vs TBA

Shoko Sato vs TBA