ROAD FC 24 in Japan announces first fight: Yoon Dong-Sik versus Daiju Takase


ROAD FC 24: Yoon Dong-Sik versus Daiju Takase
ROAD FC 24: Yoon Dong-Sik versus Daiju Takase

ROAD FC 24 will take place on July 25, 2015 as the Korean promotion’s first outing into the Japan market. The first match up announced is Yoon Dong-Sik versus Daiju Takase.

Korean hero “The Dongbar” versus the Spider Choker was originally set to take place at ROAD FC 22 earlier this year, but Takase was not able to reach the agreed-upon 88kgs limit within the allowed time. At 300g over, the match was called off. The weight for this fight has not been announced.

Yoon returned to the cage when he met Riki Fukuda at ROAD FC 16, but he was also casual about his preparation and it got him knocked out. Against Amilcar Alves at ROAD FC 19, he totally changed his training and mindset, and took the fellow judoka to decision which he won on all three scorecards.

Takase has fought once in ROAD FC. Team Posse coach Whi Seung-Bae stepped in to save the match when Takase’s first opponent fell through, and he put himself in front of some very tough hands. Whi stood right in front of him; Takase got the knock down and out in the first round. Unfortunately, the same strategy backfired against the humungous Carlos Toyota at Real 1 at the end of 2014.

This will be by all accounts a style versus style match between the two veterans, with the judoka taking on the boxer. However, they both have skills on the ground.

July 25, 2015
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

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