ROAD FC 24 in Japan update: Satoko Shinashi gets a new opponent, 16 y.o. Lee Ye-Ji


ROAD FC 24 Lee Ye-Ji vs Satoko Shinashi
ROAD FC 24 Lee Ye-Ji vs Satoko Shinashi

ROAD FC 24 will take place in Tokyo, Japan on July 25, 2015 at the Ariake Coliseum.

A previously scheduled women’s atomweight bout between Satoko Shinashi and Park Ji-Hye has been altered because of Park sustaining an injury in training.

Shinashi, the former SmackGirl and DEEP women’s lightweight and flyweight champion, will still get her desire to fight younger and younger women, because her new opponent comes in the form of a 16-year old high school student, Lee Ye-Ji.

Lee saves the bout with the respect and allowance of her mother, and thus will make her professional MMA debut. ROAD FC states that she has a background in kickboxing which comes from Team J which is known for teaching a new system of kicking martial arts. She also has competed in judo and already gotten some amateur MMA experience in ROAD FC’s Central League.

The event will be headlined by Riki Fukuda versus Jeon Uh-Jin for the Middleweight Championship, and the three legends of Korean MMA: Choi Hong-Man, Choi Mu-Bae, and Yoon Dong-Sik. Their respective opponents are Carlos Toyota, Crusher Kawaguchi, and Daiju Takase.

July 25, 2015
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

Live on at

8 ROAD FC Middleweight Title Match
Riki Fukuda vs Jeon Uh-Jin

7 Open Weight
Choi Hong-Man vs Carlos Toyota

6 Heavyweight
Choi Mu-Bae vs Kawaguchi Yusuke

5 Catchweight -88kg
Yoon Dong-Sik vs Takase Daiju

4 Middleweight
Minowaman vs Kim Dae-Sung

3 Bantamweight
Kim Soo-Chul vs Nakahara Taiyo

2 Women’s Atomweight
Shinashi Satoko vs Lee Ye-Ji

1 Lightweight
Kim Seung-Yeon vs Ohara Juri


10 Featherweight
히로카쥬 콘노 KONNO HIROKAZU 今野 寛和
홍영기 HONG YOUNG-KI ホン・ヨンギ

9 Bantamweight
사토 쇼코 SHOKO SATO 佐藤将光
김민우 KIM MIN-WOO キム・ミンウ

8 Featherweight
하라이 토류 TORU HARAI 原井 徹
김호준 KIM HO-JUN キム・ホジュン

7 Flyweight
김효룡 KIM HYO-RYONG キム・ヒョリョン

6 Featherweight
아키라 에노모토 ENOMOTO AKIRA 榎本明
백승민 BACK SEUNG-MIN ベク・スンミン

5 Middleweight
오자키 히로키 HIROKI OZAKI 尾崎広紀
나카무라 유타 YUTA NAKAMURA 中村勇太

4 Featherweight
타카시마 다이키 DAIKI TAKASHIMA 高島大樹
스기야마 카즈시 KAZUSHI SUGIYAMA 杉山和史

3 Bantamweight
코가네 쇼오 SHO KOGANE 小金翔
사와이 하야토 HAYATO SAWAI 沢井隼人

2 Bantamweight
오오바 쇼 OOBA SYO 大場翔
카나이 타쿠야 TAKUYA KANAI 金井卓也

1 Welterweight
유키 스즈키 SUZUKI YUKI 鈴木友希
타나베 타케히토 TAKEHITO TANABE 田辺丈人