ROAD FC heads to Japan with trio of legends: Choi Hong-Man, Choi Mu-Bae, Yoon Dong-Sik


ROAD FC 24 in Japan
ROAD FC 24 in Japan

ROAD FC has set its sights on its first show outside of South Korea. ROAD FC 24 will take place on July 25, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

ROAD FC 24 will land in the mammoth Ariake Coliseum which seats 10,000 people. ROAD FC has long hosted some of Japan’s best-known fighters and routinely sends over its own to Japanese events. Most recently, Emi Fujino and Shinji Sasaki fought in ROAD FC. Previously, DEEP Bantameight Champ Takafumi Otsuka, Shooto Champ Mikihito Yamagami, and Pancrase Champ Ryo Kawamura competed in ROAD FC.

In the upcoming event, South Korea’s old guard of MMA renews itself as Choi Hong-Man, Choi Mu-Bae and Yoon Dong-Sik are set to compete in the event. All three are no stranger to Japan, as they competed a decade ago during the heyday of PRIDE, K-1, and the foundation of DREAM. Yoon Dong Sik was the first of the three to resume his career in ROAD FC in 2014, with a loss to UFC vet Riki Fukuda and a win over Amilcar Alves. Choi Mu-Bae reemerged against Lucas Tani at the last ROAD FC event and proved his hands are still deadly heavy.

Choi Hong-Man, whose kickboxing record was quite exemplary given his freakshow status, will be the youngest ad newest to join his first home promotion. The 2.18-meter tall man is 34-years old, which still leaves time for him to make his mark inside MMA. It will be interesting to see who his opponent will be, and in what shape he returns.

July 25, 2015
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

Choi Hong-Man vs TBA

Choi Mu-Bae vs TBA

Yoon Dong-Sik vs TBA

Press release:

ROAD FC 024 presented by Goobne Chicken will be held on 25 July, 2015 at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan

The Legendary Trio” Choi Hong-Man, Choi Mu-Bae, and Yoon Dong-Sik will participate

13 May, 2015 – ROAD Fighting Championship will launch its global expansion by holding its first-ever overseas event in Tokyo, Japan on 15 July, 2015. ROAD FC 024 will take place at the 10,000-seat Ariake Coliseum, the 2020 Summer Olympics venue for tennis.
At ROAD FC 024, “The Legendary Trio” of Korea’s famous Mixed Martial Artists Choi Hong-Man, Choi Mu-Bae, and Yoon Dong-Sik will participate.

Choi Hong-Man, Choi Mu-Bae, and Yoon Dong-Sik turned from their top spots in the respective fields of ssireum wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, and judo to MMA. These athletes-turned-living second lives left a distinct mark on the martial arts stage.

Choi Hong-Man will make his debut with ROAD FC in his return to MMA

“Techno Goliath” Choi Hong-Man is an over 2-meter giant who turned from Korean traditional wrestling to kickboxing. On 19 March, 2005 at the K-1 Grand Prix in Seoul he debuted against Wakashoyo and KOed him, then stopped Akebono on the same night with a 29 second TKO.

Since continuing to fight in K-1, Choi Hong-Man earned a record of 12-6 and showed his incredible KO power against top opponents in the world, including Bob Sapp, Jerome Le Banner and Gary Goodrich. In MMA with K-1 and DREAM, he also fought the best in the world, like Fedor, Mirko Cro Cop, and Minowaman.

ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong said:

“We’ve worked towards this for the past five years, now all the rehearsals are over. Japan will led the advance, proving that we want to work together to expand Korean MMA around the world. ROAD FC will be South Korea’s first MMA league to export to a foreign country and it will surely be a success story.”

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