For the ROAD FC Middleweight title, Riki Fukuda fights on home soil against Jeon Uh-Jin


ROAD FC 24 Middleweight title Jeon Uh-Jin vs Riki Fukuda
ROAD FC 24 Middleweight title Jeon Uh-Jin vs Riki Fukuda

ROAD FC 24 will take place in Tokyo, Japan on July 25, 2015. The Middleweight title will be up for grabs as Riki Fukuda gets to fight Jeon Uh-Jin for it on his own home turf.

Fukuda’s words ahead of his previous bout were pointed directly at this; the message has been heard and responded. With three opponents already behind him that constitute many of the heavy-hitters in the division, he will be facing 3-2 Jeon Uh-Jin, who is on a 2-fight win streak.

At only 21-years old, Jeon represents what the future of this division in Korea looks like. While Fukuda represents one of the best Asian middleweights around. Having competed in the UFC and the possibility of a return not being too far-fetched, Fukuda is leaving nothing to circumstance in his career. If anything, he won’t take Jeon lightly, which should be considered by the youngster’s team when they mount a game plan.

Back in 2013 with Jeon’s ROAD FC debut, he knocked out his opponent in 23 seconds – and it wasn’t all luck. He has quick and heavy hands that have repeatedly shown themselves, and he can weather a storm to get inside to use them. His takedowns are well-timed and successful, and on the ground he can mix gnp with submission attempts. Come July 25th, we will see if he has matured enough to deal with the massive problem that is Fukuda.

July 25, 2015
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

Middleweight Championship
Riki Fukuda vs Jeon Uh-Jin

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