Top Korean prospect Lee Yoon-Jun on his ROAD FC Bantamweight title shot

ROAD FC's Lee Yoon-Jun
ROAD FC’s Lee Yoon-Jun

Lee Yoon-Jun challenges Lee Kil-Woo for his Bantamweight belt at ROAD FC 20 in December 20 in Seoul, South Korea. Korea’s hottest prospect rides a massive win streak into the battle.


Lee’s stock has shot up in the past two years. After failing to make it past the quarterfinals in the ROAD FC Bantamweight Tournament, Lee found himself facing a much more experienced Takafumi Otsuka – now the DEEP Bantamweight Champion – in a completely crazy match up on paper that ended up being Lee’s crowning moment. For three rounds he darted in and out and battered the aggressive wrestler and won a deserved UD.

Four more fights later, Lee has now found himself facing a title shot. Perhaps it seems as if he completely deserves it, but Lee exclaimed,

“Actually, it’s a lot earlier than I expected.”

While Lee is known for his brutal kicks, those wins have been teaching him something. He talks about his coaching staff at Team ONE led by a Greco Roman wrestler which gives a hint of how Lee might have evolved for this fight. But primarily, it’s something deeper that drives the stand out Korean,

“Fighting is in my blood.”

Lee may be young, but he’s experienced so much in his recent career with a plethora of fights and becoming team captain and a full-time fighter. He is at the right point to give words of encouragement to others in his line of work – the young Koreans following in droves to train in MMA, Lee advises,

“Don’t worry about the money. Just follow your passion.”