UFC Japan update: Kang Kyung-Ho vs Michinori Tanaka set for September 20th card

UFC Japan: Kang Kyung-Ho vs Michinori Tanaka
UFC Japan: Kang Kyung-Ho vs Michinori Tanaka


UFC Fight Night 52: Hunt vs Nelson has added a bantamweight match between two champions made in Asia, ROAD FC Champ Kang Kyung-Ho versus PXC Champ Michinori Tanaka, MMA-in-ASIA has confirmed.

Kang was one of the early Korean notables to come out of Spirit MC and transition into the world of Japanese MMA in Sengoku, DEEP, and Gladiator. His highly dominant run in ROAD FC earned him the Bantamweight Championship, and then he got the call from the UFC. Kang’s affair with the international promotion has been tumultuous, with two injuries right before fights, and a record that adds up to 1-1-1. He’s a huge bantamweight with a strong top game that his team, Team MAD, is known for.

Tanaka is undefeated across ten fights. He has gone from strong to stronger as a Shooto Rookie Champion in 2011 to the PXC Bantamweight Champion in 2013. After defending his title once, Tanaka was signed to the UFC and faced Roland Delorme just this past June. He furstrated Delorme on the feet and on the ground in every round. Tanaka’s incredible balance and instinctive ability to take advantage of small openings allowed him to ring the game back to his world every single time. It was an impressive debut.

Kang versus Tanaka is interesting in the fact that it might have happened eventually in Asia, but now the two rising stars can put on a show for an international audience.