UFC Fight Night Manila: Live play-by-play and results for the prelims

Yao Zhikui def Nolan Ticman

UFC Manila takes place on May 16, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena. The Philippines first event sees a mix of Asians represented, with the heaviest influence being the Filipinos.

These are the play by plays and results from tonights prelims.

Lightweight: Jon Tuck vs Tae Hyun Bang

Bang with a big 1-2 then a kick punch combo – all land. So Tuck shoots and gets the double. Bang cage walks. Back light exchanges, it seems that Bang wants the KO and Tuck wants it down. But Tuck lands a big right! Tuck lands another punch kick combo, Bang returns with a blistering blitz. Tuck blasts through Bang and follows it up with another! Bang goes down and Tuck jumps on him, finishing with a back choke!

Jon Tuck defeats Tae Hyun Bang by submission (RNC) R1

6 Jon Tuck defeats Tae Hyun Bang

Lightweight: Zhang Lipeng vs Kajan Johnson

R1: Zhang takes the center and kicks. Johnson kicks, Zhang catches. Johnson with the trip to takedown. Zhang quickly up against the cage. Zhang works out, eats a knee. Johnson kicks, Zhnag grabs it, and sweeps the leg! From inside guard Zhang pressures, looks to pass, Jhonson with a nice sweep, trying for a heel hook but he has both feet, Zhang turns out of it and Johnson tries some weird lock with his other leg, Zhang finally stands out! Johnson works hard for the double, Zhang defends, but his back stays to the cage.Johnson breaks and lands a lunch on the way out. Zhang with a spinning back kick that misses at the bell.

R2. Zhang throws a few kicks, Johnson lands a low kick that hurts. Zhang is on his back – missed how. He just holds, finally Johnson gets up and out, Zhang turns and Johnson takes his back, but Zhang makes it to standing. Johnson gets the throw but Zhang reverses into guard, and stands out. Johnson pops up too. Zhang is kicking and punching but not much landing, Jonson briefly clinches, lands a knee. Zhang with a body kick, not much on it. Low blow? Nobody sees it. Replay shows a glance from an inside thigh kick. Zhang with a combo that hurst Johnson, Johnson shoots and Zhang defends, but Johnson muscles him down. Zhang stands at the bell.

R3. Some action starts the round with some nice strikes thrown by both. Johnson looks for the quick takedown but now Zhang gets the defense and tries to reverse with a trip. They separate. Now it’s back and forht combos from each, and Johnson catches a leg for a single. Johnson persistent, but Zhang won’t give in. He looks strong. Zhang gets tossed a little and turtles, Johnson stays on top. Johnson turns over for another weird foot lock attempt. Weird calf crusher but Zhang gets out.

Kajan Johnson defeats Zhang Lipeng by UD (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Kajan Johnson defeats Zhang Lipeng
Kajan Johnson defeats Zhang Lipeng

Welterweight: Li Jingliang vs Dhiego Lima

Li puts together some nice combinations right out of the box but Lima defends the best of them. Lima lands a right, so Li swarms him and knocks him down! Lima tries to defend, when he hits the canvas, but it’s over!

Li Jingliang defeats Dhiego Lima by TKO, R1.

4 Li Jingliang def Dhiego Lima

Bantamweight: Ning Guangyou vs Royston Wee

R1. Ning swarms Wee and he he goes down. Wee ties it up and manages to get back to standing. So Ning repeats it. Once on the ground, Wee just holds on. Ning kicks, Wee kicks, repeat and a strong one takes Ning’s legs out. So Ning repays him. High kick from Wee and a big overhand right from Ning that misses.Ning is looking for a way in, sporadic punches, a high kick then a beautiful double leg to end the round.

R2. Wee slowing and Ning sees it. A kick takes out Wee’s legs and puts his back on the canvas. We again just holds on. STood up and Wee tries to go on the offensive but instead lands a groin shot. Ning recovers, and starts landing shots over Wee’s guard. Ref calls for action, and Ning head kicks then knocks down Wee, lands elbows, and the ref waves it off with seconds left to go!

Ning Guangyou defeats Royston Wee by TKO at 4:59 R2.

3 Ning Guangyou defeats Royston Wee

Flyweight: Roldan Sangcha-an vs Jon Delos Reyes

Hard shot by Reyes, Sangcha an shoots, Reyes reverses, against the cage and Sangcha an gets it down! Reyes gets the back, but slides off, Sangcha an inside guard. Reyes spins for an armbar, Sangcha an flips out but Reyes is back up and hunting for the back! Reyes tries to get hooks in, Sangcha an defends. Reyes gets a choke! Snagcha an defends and comes out the bottom! THE CROWD IS NUTS!!! Reyes tries for an armbar, Sangcha an out and stands and kcis him! Reyes up and Sangcha an with a big knee! Reyes tries for something in guard, Sangcha an has a weird cruxifix,. Reyes works to get the legs off, but Sangcha an mounts. Reyes reverses! Sangcha an up and the stand and bang! Huge Lakay kick!

Reyes lands the first punch dn stumb;les Sangcha and back, Sangcha an has the devil in his eyes and he starts cracking on Reyes, splits open his brow! The crowd is nuts!!! Reyes is wiping blood out of his eye but ref doesn’t stop. Reyes rocks Sangcha an and the mouthpiece flies out! Ground and pund from Reyes! Ref stops, doc checks, restart on the ground, Reyes slips to the back and grabs a choke. Sangcha an defends, but finally has to tap. This crowd is insane!

Jon Delos Reyes by Submission (RNC) R2.

2 Delos Reyes def Sangcha-an

Flyweight: Nolan Ticman vs Yao Zhikui

R1. Yao takes the center. Ticman lands a 1-2 Yao confers. Ticman lands hard shots as Yao comes in, by Yao eats them and walks right in. Ticman with a nice hard right hook. Ticman keeps letting Yao stalk him and lands when he gets close. Yao blasts in and catches Ticman with several hard shots. A monte of stalking and Yao goes for the single! He misses and Ticman tries to get on top. Back to standing. Yao with a big right. Ticman’s not as quick now, but still skirting and good head movement. Yao’s hands are high and he keeps up to the bell.

R2. Yao stalks and rocks Ticman! Ticman tries to counter with a shoot but Yao underhooks and tosses him. Ticman briefly gets a standing guillotine. Yao tries a spinning backlist. Ticman kicks, Yao rushes him and body locks, can’t take him down, so tries an elbow, Ticman catches him with a hook. Ticman now just skirting and backpedaling. Yao’s not letting it affect him. The crowd starts booing for no action. Finally Yao cracks Ticman, he cartwheels and shrugs it off.

Rd 3. Ticman runs, Yao tries to hit him. Yao shoots for a single, Ticman evades and reverses. Back to standing. Ticman shoots, Yao stuffs it but Ticman is able to get Yao to the cage, but he does nothing with the position. Finally Ticman backs off at 30 seconds left. Ticman shoots again, Yao stuffs and goes in for his own, Ticman able to reverse him onto his back with seconds left.

Yao Zhikhui by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).