Diamond Fight to host inaugural MMA and kick boxing event in Singapore on October 5, 2014

Diamond Fight
Diamond Fight

A press conference was held in Singapore on September 23, 2014 to announce Diamond Fight, a new fight promotion which will launch on the 5th of October at the Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. In attendance were Diamond Fight President Dmitry Karpov, and several fighters slated for the card.

The event will showcase nine bouts across multiple martial arts disciplines including Muay Thai, sanda, kickboxing and MMA, with a fight card lined up with competitors from across the globe including Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, Mongolia, Belgium, Holland and China. In fact, the promotion titled the event “Diamond Fight – Singapore vs The World” and could draw a crowd of international fight fans.

Diamond Fight’s President Karpov stated,

“I had been a boxer myself for over 12 years and even with age, while I have stopped boxing, my interest in the sport has not waned. I used to organize fights in Russia, Kazakhstan and Thailand. In the past they were mainly Muay Thai competitions but as time went by, other forms of martial arts garnered a lot of interest. Mixed Martial Arts exploded into the scene and it became a sport I wanted to add to my repertoire of events.”

At this inaugural event, Singaporean Syafiq “The Slasher” bin Abdul Samad (3-1) is expected to be the first Singaporean contending for the World Diamond Fight Association title at 72 kgs. His opponent is Filipino Jaypee Espinosa (0-1). Espinosa is keen to redeem himself from his loss in PXC, but Samad has promised to give his best, having gained a lot of experience and confidence through his last victory against American Kenny Thompson at Rebel FC 2.

Samad is known for his sharp boxing skills honed at Juggernaut Fight Club with coach Arvind Lalwani. He said confidently,

“I want to win this fight and I will give everything I have to it. If Espinosa wants to win he will have to knock me out, and I don’t have any intention of letting that happen.”


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Diamond Fight: Arvind Lalwani, Will Chope, Syafiq bin Badul Samad


Well-journeyed Will “The Kill” Chope (20-7) will be facing a Brazilian fighter with a black belt in BJJ, Rodolfo “The Nightmare” Marques Diniz (16-4). Chope said,

“My striking and grappling skills have improved after moving by training camp permanently to Singapore, and I am confident of defeating Diniz. This win is very important to me as it will be a part of a winning streak to validate my capabilities as a fighter.”

Also on the card, undefeated American Emalo Urrutia who will be facing off against Indian Pushpender Singh (1-3). Earlier in the year, Urrutia submitted his opponents at Rebel FC 2 and Kunlun Fight 6 in China.

Twner and head coach of Juggernaut Fight Club Lalwani was also in attendance and commented,

“This event is very interesting to me, and I believe it will be just as interesting to a lot of fight fans, because multiple martial arts discipline will be showcased, such as Muay Thai, K-1, Wushu Sanda and MMA. Having more fight promotions like these coming into Singapore offers fighters more opportunities to fight and improve their skills and experience. I am excited to see an array of martial arts skills on display in a market that has seen exponential growth of interest in martial arts.”

When asked if he would be organizing more fights in this region in the near future, Karpov said that he definitely will, and the next one is slated to be in Johor, Malaysia on the 20th of December.


Diamond Fight
Diamond Fight

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