• LEE LI

    LEE LI

    Owner/Editor in Chief

    A career in writing and project management plus a lifelong involvement with combat sports equals ASIA MMA.

    Lee Li saw the sport of MMA rising in Asia in the late 2000s. There were many fighters training in Asia and new promotions, but no website to cover and connect them. In the summer of 2011, Lee Li launched a simple blog to aggregate news and information from across Asia.

    That was almost four years ago. Lee Li has covered events on site in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia, an exhausting effort that very few have accomplished. ASIA MMA grew from a simple portal of lists, links and information into an internationally-consumed news site. It is now the largest, most prolific website on MMA in Asia.

    Lee Li gets referred to more often as “Asia MMA” these days. For fun, she used to practice BJJ but the blue belt is fading to white, and she’s traded her gum shield for reading glasses. But as long as people appreciate her work and benefit from it, she’s happy to be known as “Asia MMA”.



    Head Correspondent, Philippines

    Zike Sugawara is a 20-something Filipino with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics that has never been used because he fell in love with martial arts – especially MMA.

    Zike has medalled in grappling tournaments, managed an MMA gym and has trained MMA since he was a teenager. Zike’s love of the sport and deep involvement in the Filipino MMA community led him to establish MMA Orient, a blog very similar to ASIA MMA in its inception. Because of his integrity and ability, Lee Li asked Zike to come on board with ASIA MMA to combine their talents and efforts into one direction.

    Zike agreed, and over two years he’s developed not only the Philippines coverage for ASIA MMA, but the site as a whole. He has traveled extensively and is able to break stories as well as grab insightful interviews. Zike professes himself to be shy, but one of the best looking MMA journalists in Asia.

    Zike’s articles.

  • John Hyon Ko

    John Hyon Ko

    Correspondent, South Korea

    John Hyon Ko was born in South Korea but spent most of his young life in the United States. Now, he is back in his home country and dedicated to spreading the sport of MMA to every little nook and cranny in Asia.

    John has participated in all kinds of organized sports such as American football, basketball, and baseball. His martial arts background is in Taekwondo, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s is also a devoted and committed father and husband with a never-ending drive to accomplish his goals in life.

    One of those goals has been the growth of ASIA MMA. Since John joined, he’s used his background in writing and language arts and his in-depth knowledge of MMA to produce thought-provoking and informative articles. John’s interviews and fight analysis have added a new dimension to the site.

    John’s articles.

  • Akihito Tatematsu

    Akihito Tatematsu

    Correspondent, Japan

    Akihito Tatematsu is an IT professional with a Masters Degree who is one of the most knowledgable MMA fanatics on the planet.

    Because of living in Tokyo, Akihito personally witnessed the birth of Pancrase, the rise of Shooto, and the grand hay day of PRIDE. He is a collector of both information and historic MMA paraphernalia. Akihito’s next passion became MMA photography and he ceaselessly aims to expand ASIA MMA’s coverage of Japan events.

    Akihito’s long involvement with MMA in Japan has provided ASIA MMA with invaluable insight of cultural, historical, and developmental significance.

    Akihito’s articles.